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Written by Melanie   

What is the difference between chocolate and champagne? 

The same colour can have a few different names for example Champagne and Chocolate are actually the same thing? Champagne is technically the American terminology for what we here in Australia call chocolate. Just like Sable is the American terminology for what we call Brown and a lilac tortie is also known as a lilac cream and so on... For further information on colours and terms please click on 'About Me' and select the 'Possible Burmese Colours'  tab from the drop down options.
With a quick glance especially as kittens lilac and chocolate can, and often do look the same. Infact many breeders get it wrong initially. Sometimes it is not obvious till the kittens are 6 or possibly even 8 weeks old.

Usually the lilacs will tend to be a little more grey in the face where as the chocolate tend to have more brown toning.
IMPORTANT: Keep in mind your priorities! Does the shade really matter or is his/her PURRsonality more important. If you are going to get a friendlier, healthier kitten from a better breeder a slight sacrifice in shade or look may be worth it in the long run.


Is Chocolate the DARKEST colour of burmese? 

Many people get this WRONG! NO! Brown is the darkest colour of burmese available. Brown burmese are a rich dark, dark brown colour all over. Chocolate will be more of a Lighter brown/Creamy brown coloured body often with datrker points or tips. 

What is the difference between Red and Cream?

Below are some examples of the difference between Red and Cream Burmese... A lot of people get this confused- including breeders and I must say that even I have been known to change my mind as the kittens grow in the past.

Below is a couple of photos of a Red 7 week old kitten (right) with a  Cream 11 week old kitten (left). As you can see there is a lot more depth to the red and this will darken further with age usually.


Then from the TOP looking down - again the Cream kitten is on the Left and the Red kitten is on the right.



Changes to colouring - Will a kitten change colour as it grows?

The colouring of a kitten does often change as he/she gets older  - it usually darkens with age. If you have your heart set on a colour you are most likely to get a better idea of what the kitten MAY end up like if you look at the mother and the father of the kitten. An example of this is the below picture of a Brown mother with her Brown kitten. The kitten in this photo is our Maddy and you can see how Maddy has now darkend with age in the 2nd photo below:
Above: Isabell and Maddy as a kitten.
Above: Maddy all grown up.

You may like to also check out the "Suchi Kittens of the Past" which catagorises specific coloured kittens that we have produced over the past few years. This menu can be found under the "Kittens and Visiting Us" tab. Alternaativley you can also check out the Green photo album on my old website: www.burmeseaustralia.com as there are about 8 pages of photos and a number of them have colour descriptions underneath each photo or you can also click on the "kittens & visiting us" tab followed by the "Suchi kittens of the past" tab to see more examples of specific coloured kittens. 
Here is Anika as a kitten and as an adult - You can see how she has darkened with age - 

How can two Cats that are the same colour look SO different -

Most of the colours can vary dramatically for example below are two chocolate girls.
You will also find that the colours will look dramatically different in different types of light (Sun light/natural light, Fluro etc etc etc) The flash on  a camera can also distort the true colouring of the cat and finally cats coats will also change with the seasons (Winter the coat will often be darker, thicker and heavier). A perfect example of the variations in coat colour is Slink. Below are photos of the same cat and you can see how the coat looks quite different in each photo.

And here are two Chocolate adult cats together (note: they are in  the same light etc) just to prove that chocoates can vary dramatically...
To really get an idea you are best off seeing the cats/kittens face to face and where possible look at the parents and other cats and kittens that breeder has produced. 

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