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Written by Melanie   


15 March 2018  

Well the 50th Anniversary Burmese Show was a HUGE success. We were blessed with beautiful blue sky and it was so lovely to see all the members of the public there. 

Our judges were just amazing and we certainly had the cream of the crop in that regard.  I was thrilled to catch up with Burmese admirers and Customers both past and future. There were 100 cats entered and over 40 Burmese entered with stunning examples on display so the competition was on! 

I was a wee bit excited and very honoured to receive some lovely awards and a huge amount of Prizes from the day including having 3 of the 5 BEST BURMESE IN SHOW (Peter Williams) Burmese Speciality ring with 2 Chocolate Female kittens our our up and coming Stud Boy. 

Our Little Zinkia received 1st in Top 5 under Valerie Cashman and a 1st in top 5 under Peter Williams and also took out Eye colour and Shape. Our Lovely Crystal Received BEST OF BREED in her ring under all 4 judges as well as 1st in Top 5 under Peter Williams and finally our Lovely Nero also took out 1st place under all four judges in his ring. At the End of the Day Peter Presented his TOP 5 BURMESE IN SHOW and 3 of the 5 were our Breeding with either my Suchi or my Adara Prefix! I couldn't have been more thrilled! Just a wonderful result! WOW!!!  I entered a cat on behalf of a lovely customer Jem and her lovely desexed boy also did exceptionally well receiving BEST IN SECTIONS under all 4 judges as well as a Top 5 Place under Margaret Sim so credit to the breeders behind the lines of these cats and thanks to all involved for allowing me the honour of working with such truly beautiful cats. I wish to thank all the Breeders behind these lines and particularly wish to mention Zaw Pedroni, Erica Bell (Ricki Dalgleish), Valerie Cashman and Dianne Dolman - Thank you one and all.


Above: Adara Nero and Adara Zinkia with some of the Ribbons we received on the day.  



MARCH 2018 We are proud to announce that SUCHI ILLUSIVE SAMANTHA has been awarded CFA (ALL BREED) BEST FEMALE CAT for 2017  - This stunning girl is owned and has been shown by Sue Wyman and is now a CCCA GRAND CHAMPION and a CFA DIAMOND DOUBLE GRAND CHAMPION.  


February 2017 - Wonderful news SUCHI ILLUSIVE SAMANTHA has been awarded CFA (ALL BREED) BEST ENTIRE FEMALE KITTEN for 2016


16th March 2014 

WOO HOO!! Time for a Big ol' brag!

The Annual Burmese Show today was a great success! I am as proud as punch. I have the best customers in the world I reckon! My head is still spinning and I don't quite know where to start...

Every single one of the cats we entered WON something today - which in itself is an achievement!

As usual there was a level of Objection to the entire process from the Adult Boys... Typical lazy males I say and the handsome Sarge owned by the Beautiful Kitty Flanagan was no exception. I believe his attitude didn't reflect well with the first judge who gave him a 2nd but after that he got a talking to and he pulled his Sox up to take out two x 1st Place awards. He was then placed 4th in the top 5. A wonderful achievement for a boy of his age ...especially considering it was his very first time on the Show Bench! I do somewhat regret not entering Sargie in some of the Side Classes as I think he would have done very well in hindsight but probably best we didn't overwhelm the poor boy on his first day in the spotlight! Here is a photo with some of the Prizes Sargie won! What a boy! 


Our Gorgeous little Onti wasn't in the best Show condition considering the marks on her neck due to some shenanigans with a handsome boy but she still took out 3 x 1st Places in the lilac entire girls and a 5th in the top 5 for all the entire girls entered in todays show. 

Jenny has every right be over the moon with her two adorable kittens Norman and Polly. They did the breed and Jenny Proud. Norman acted like the show was an everyday occurrence rolling around and lapping up the attention. He thought it was just a wonderful event and whats more he took out Three x 1st place under ALL 3 Judges, 2 x 1st in Top 5 Places and a Second in Top 5. 

Norman was also entered in some additional side classes and just to rub it in he took out 1st Place for Coat colour and Condition so that is really something to be proud of. He also took out 2nd Place in Eye Colour and shapeThis year was a speciality Red and Cream show so Norman was automatically entered in this class as he is a Red and he took out 2nd Place Red/Cream Burmese. There were 7 Red/Cream Burmese entered so for a kitten to take out second place against the adult competition is just huge.

Jenny's Lovely little girl Polly also did us proud talking out 3 x 1st places in ALL THREE RINGS as well as a 1st in the top 5 in Ring 1, a 2nd in the TOP 5 in Ring 2 and a 3rd in the Top 5 in ring 3. 

Full Credit to Jenny for having her cats in pristine SHOW QUALITY CONDITION. I also wanted to thank Jenny for her assistance throughout the day with my baby and in cage set up and pack up. It was fabulous to have the extra pair of hands with so much going on. Greatly appreciated! 

Koko Bourke was also an absolute winner today. 3 x 1st places under all three judges. This beautiful girl appeared to take the days events in her stride. She also took out 2 x 1st places in the TOP 5 a 2nd in Top 5 as well as a 3rd Place in Eye colour and Shape .

Hugo Bourke was another show pony today with 3 x 1st place awards in ALL THREE RINGS as well as 2 x 3rd place in the top 5 and a 4th in the top 5. The showoff was also entered in 2 side classes - and he took out 2nd Place in Coat Colour and Condition and a 1st place for Eye colour and Shape. Wooo Hoo!!!


Koko and Hugo went home with a range of prizes and awards including toys, litter, Burmese book and food.  

A Huge thank you to Hugo and Koko's owners for taking care of my 7 month old baby Olivia throughout the day and for getting me some lunch. I usually spend the day running around like a headless chook and don't get a chance to eat so their thoughtfulness was appreciated. They made a huge difference and they stepped in on a number of occasions to help out. A massive day for them travelling up from Canberra so it is an early start and a long day. Full credit to them for their dedication  - a lot has gone into comeing to the show and the ongoing care and presentation of their beautiful Suchi Burmese Babies. 

2UE's Breakfast Radio personality John Stanley and Musical wife Elissa Milne turned up to support their Beautiful Lilac Suchi Burmese TROLLEY. Their adorable son Tom attended his first Cat show and I am hoping that as he is a future Junior Handler in the making. Trolley just smashed it. He ended up being selected by one of the judges as part of the TOP 5 CATS - BEST IN SHOW and this boy that scrapes into the Adult class by 1 day took out 4th place. Considering he is still so young and this was his first show that is just brilliant! The family are thrilled and they took home a bunch of prizes including toys, litter, litter tray, food, Burmese books and other goodies. Congratulations.


Our Little Blue Girl, Kimlai Mi Blue Heaven blitzed it taking out a heap of 1st places throughout the day as well as a 1st in HEAD TYPE and a STEWARDS CHOICE award. Meaning that the steward that assists the judges felt that she was the most appealing to handle and work with! A huge compliment from a steward that takes this very seriously.

This Darling little girl gave me goose bumps when she was also called as part of the TOP 5 CATS - BEST IN SHOW   She is a little girl with OODLES of PURRsonality and good looks to boot and clearly I am not Biased as she was awarded a 1ST PLACE IN THE TOP 5 BEST IN SHOW 

To have yet another Best In Show is just absolutely Magic - that is now 5 years in a row!!!! YAY... but as usual I can take very little credit - so many breeders have worked tirelessly over many years to create the lines I work with today. 

Peta, full credit to you for the adorable Heaven! I am eternally grateful to you for trusting me with your lines and allowing me to carry on the hard work you have done over the years. I am thrilled to have done you proud today.

Dianne thanks for allowing me access to your beautiful Studs which resulted in Onti. I am so appreciative. You have tought me so much and and you have been a great mentor.

Sally Prass, I would be lost without you. Thanks for being a mentor and very dear friend. You have opened your studs up to me entirely and I thank you for your trust and your generosity. You have been so good to me, your an amazing woman and a true inspiration. 

Val, so much credit goes to you. Just about every cat in my home has some of your breeding somewhere behind it. I am working with studs that also reflect heavily on your years of dedication to the Burmese Breed. Your advice has been invaluable and I appreciate you allowing me access to your precious lines and for giving me the contacts to continue to do this beautiful breed proud! 

Zaw, Solor is still doing you proud with a number of the cats in todays show direct decedents. Thanks to you for your contribution to todays achievements.

And to all the other breeders behind the lines represented today. Credit where credit is due - Thank you for your involvement.

The owners of these cats also deserve a huge pat on the back. These animals are clearly loved and well cared for and it is a credit to the owners that they present so nicely on the show bench! Congratulations to each and every one of you. 

I am one very HAPPY CAMPER! :) 


19th March 2013 

As most of you would know we had the Annual Burmese Specialist show last Sunday. The quality of cats at the show was outstanding! Burmese breeders from interstate (including Tasmania) and Overseas (incl N.Z) were there and had their absolutely stunning cats on display.

We entered a few cats and kittens but to be PURRfectly honest I didn't think it was going to be any thing special for us this year... our kittens are still only babies and therefor eye colour is still developing and coats are still a little Kitten Fluffy. Some are still a little long and gangly in the body...etc etc etc... Our best chances fell with Sativa who was BEST IN SHOW in 2012 but Sati was with a fellow breeder and very dear friend of ours for a dirty week away with her stud boy. Unfortunately this friend (who had also entered the show and was going to bring Sati with her) was unable to attend last minute as her husband sadly has advanced cancer and is unable to care for himself. Consequently Sati wasn't at the show. Disappointing but totally understandable.... 

Anyway we had a couple of our lovely customers enter their Beautiful Suchi Burmese which was just fantastic.  Jessica Bourke entered Suchi Hugo (A desexed Adult Blue Male) and Suchi Koko (A desexed adult lilac female) and James entered his lovely Red desexed adiult boy that was also entered last year. 

As the day went a long I had some really lovely and totally unexpected surprises. 

We received BEST LITTER IN SHOW for our Babies from ZINNIA which was just wonderful. We haven't focused on entering/Showing litters in the past so as we are somewhat inexperienced in the Litter Kitten area so this was just a thrill! Then.... we are humbled and very appreciative (and probably plain lucky too) of the awards that kept coming our way...

Suchi Hugo received an Overall 2nd in the Speciality BLUE BURMESE colour class and Suchi Koko did us so proud placing1st in ALL 3 rings for Spay cats. This was just amazing for a cat that has NEVER been shown before and shows are very stressful especially for the adult cats. On top of this Suchi Koko then receved an overall 1st for ALL the desexed cats in the show (Male and Female) Meaning we had the Best Desexed Female and the Best Desexed Overall!! HUGE! Obviously having done so well this little stunner was then pulled out as part of the Judges TOP 5 BEST in the ENTIRE SHOW selection. This is where each of the 3 judges select their top 5 cats from ALL categories Entire Adult Male and Entire Adult Female, Desexed Adult in both sexes, ALL the kittens and the Older cats.

I was absolutely thrilled and rather surprised to find that Suchi Burmese were featured in ALL 3 judges TOP 5's - Just a wonderful result.

SUCHI KOKO took out 2nd/RESERVE BEST IN SHOW under Kim Cutter (South Africa) and also 5th place BEST IN SHOWunder Wayne Trevathan from the USA. 


James lovely Red boy also did us proud receiving a 2nd place in the Top 5 and two 1st places in Ring 1. Louis also received a 4th in the Top 5 in Ring 2. Consequently James took home some lovely prizes including a Burmese Coffee Mug, toys and homewares.  

A lovely little girl from our litter of kittens took out 2nd place out of 8 in the specialist Chocolate class judged by Rhondda Watson which was a huge compliment for a girl just coming up to 12 weeks old.

Rhondda also awared out Lilac kitten ONTOYA 4th in Coat Colour and Condition.  

Our new Blue Girl Heaven took out 3rd place out of 9 in the specialist Blue Burmese class (meaning we had 2nd with Hugo and 3rd wih Heaven) again judged by Rhondda Watson and she received 1st/BEST IN SECTION, 1st in the TOP 5 and 1st/BEST BABY KITTEN and 1st UNDER 4 MONTHS with Wayne Trevathan.

I must say a congratulations to Peta for breeding such a stunning little kitten. Wayne selected this little girl as part of his TOP 5 OVERALL BEST IN SHOW and at UNDER 4 months old she took out RESERVE/2nd BEST IN THE ENTIRE SHOW! WOW!!! This meant that we had both a 2nd and a 5th BEST IN SHOW in Ring 2!

Finally Deborah selected her BEST IN SHOW TOP 5 and SUCHI ONTOYA our lovely little Lilac kitten from 2 previous generations of BURMESE SPECIALIST SHOW BEST IN SHOW WINNERS was selected as part of that and this adorable little girl took out 1st PLACE BEST IN SHOW RING 3....YAY. I have had goose bumps for 3 days straight now.

Suchi Ontoya also took out 1st place in BEST HEAD TYPE out of 15 cats entered and the Stewards Choice Award which is where the Stewards that assist the judges and handle the cats select their favourite and easiest cat to handle on the day.

I have attached a couple of photos of Ontoya and Heaven below with SOME of the ribbons and awards we won on Sunday including...BEST FEMALE KITTEN RIBBON, 2 x First Place Ribbons for Best Kitten Under 4 months and Best Kitten under 6 months as well as the GOLD Best Exhibit (2013) in Show and BEST LITTER IN SHOW engraved Trophy which we will hold for the next year.



A special THANK YOU....

This was all so very exciting but I certianly can't take all the credit. There are some wonderful cats and lots of work put in by other breeders behind these lines and I am privileged to have been allowed access to them to produce and obtain the cats we are now working with and will be working with in the future. In regards to this years show I have to especially thank Peta, Sally, Marinka, Don, Dianne, Val and Zaw and all the breeders behind their lines who have contributed to the cats entered by us this year. This really is a collaborative effort so thanks to everyone involved. 


Well I am going to have a big old brag! We are just thrilled with the Results!!

We entered a number of cats and 2 of our lovely customers entered their cats also. 

The Douglass-Robertson family entered their lovely lilac boy the son of Tilly (Aurora Rainbow Masquerade) who did very well indeed Receiving 3 x 1st Places as well as 3 Best of Breed awards. He was also brought up the front of the show for the BEST IN SHOW awards and received a 5th BEST IN SHOW which is an absolutely stunning achievement for such a young boy. The Douglas-Robertson family took home arm fulls of prizes including Food, Litter Trays, Carry boxes and Litter. Congratulations to you all. 


James Entered his lovely Red boy who also did well Receiving 3 x 1st places and also receiving a mention from Judge Peter Williams at the Best in Show awards towards the end of the day. Peter mentioned that this was also an outstanding boy with a wonderful Burmese Profile and desirable characteristics. James took home some wonderful prizes including some Food and Cat litter. Congratulation to James and his beautiful cat.  


Our lovely Tilly also did us proud as usual. Tilly received a couple of 1st Place awards and also placed in the Top 5 under Wendy Hamilton.

Tilly was then selected as part of the 5 Best Cats In Show at the End of the day and Took Out 2nd Place. FANTASTIC ACHIEVEMENT LITTLE LADY! 

Finally the big news!!! I think I still have goose Bumps!!!!

Our Lovely Sativa should be very proud also receiving multiple 1st Place awards and placing 1st in the Top Five! Sativa was then also selected as part of the Top 5 cats in the show and took out First Place winning over her mother!



Once again a very special thanks to the customers that came to support the show and for entering their beautiful Suchi Burmese. Your cats were beautifully Presented and did us proud.

Also thanks to the breeders whos lines contribute to these beautiful cats with a special Thanks to Val, Sally, Zaw, and Ian.


11th March 2012

We had a lovely time at the Siamese and Short hair show. 

We took a number of cats and 1 kitten - (Etiana La Bella) - which is owned by the Fletcher family and we were pleased with the results.

Etiana received a 1st place Best in Section and a 1st place Under 9 Months as well as 3 x 2nd place awards.

Our lovely Tilly (Aurora Rainbow Masquerace) Received 1 x 1st place challenge and 3 x 2nd place awards and Sativa received 3 x 1st place Challenge awards a First and a Second Best Of Breed as well as 2 x 3rd place awards for the Top 5 which is drawn from multiple breeds within that ring.

A wonderful time was had by all and we thank the Fletcher family for allowing us to enter Etiana La Bella.  


29th January 2012

The Federal Kitten show was a success indeed. We entered a litter of 3 kittens including a Lilac Girl, a Blue Boy and a Chocolate Boy.

The Blue boy received 3 x 1st Place awards, 3 x Best In Section awards as well as 3 x Best Of Breeds in the 3 different rings! A massive achievement for such a young little man. He was also given a 2nd place in the TOP 5 Male kittens which meant he was competing against other breeds some of which were considerably older and therefore better developed so we were very proud of this award.

The Chocolate Boy received 3 x 1st Places and 3 x Best In Section awards

The little lilac girl also received 3 x 1st places and a Best In Section

As a litter they received a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place but we were also awarded a Best Litter Under 3 months.

Wow - That is really exciting! What a buzzz!  


20th March 2011 

The Specialist BURMESE SHOW was a wonderful experience and I am so excited with our performance. I can't wipe the smile from my face and I think my head must be twice its normal size! :) Haaa haaa

Regretably I decided to only enter two kittens Sati and Indi. In hindsight I possibly should I have entered a couple of other cats including the Chocolate kitten...anyway..... can't change it now!

What the judges thought..... 

Ring one - Judge: Jan Van Rooyen:

Sati received a Best In Section and with 5 other lilac kittens up against her that is a wonderful result. Out of all the Female kittens they then select a Top 5 and she received a 2nd in the top five - again a brillian result. She also received a Stewards Chioice award (Sue Thomas).

Indi received a 2nd in Section and a 5th in Top 5 and she received the other stewards Choice award (R. Noldarf).


Ring two - Judge: Peter Williams:

Sati again Received the Best In Section with 5 other lilac kittens up against her and she placed 3rd in the Top 5.

Indi received a Best In Section and was 1st in the Top 5  - A stunning result for this little darling considering the wonderful competition at todays show


Ring three - Judge: Rhonda Watson 

Sati was awarded the Best in Section and 1st in the the top five under Rhonda

Indi was given the 2nd in Section. 


I decided to enter Sati in some additional categories which I believe was judged by Fiona Cooper and this is how she went...

3rd out of ALL the cats in the show for Head Type.

1st  out of ALL the cats in the show for Coat Colour and Condition


and 3rd in the Show for the TOP 5.


and now for the Big News!.....

The 3 judges then pull out what they believe are the BEST IN SHOW... This means out of all the Adult cats and kittens in the show the judges select their favourites... 


Indi and Sati featured in the TOP 3 cats in the show in the other two rings!

We are just over the moon excited and so Proud of our achievements! A Wonderful Result! We even had a wife of one of the judges (who is also a Burmese Breeder in South Africa) ask us on numerous occasions throughout the day if we would sell Sati to her.



Thanks to all the Suchi Owners that turned up to the show to support us. It was wonderful to have you there. I am hopefull that some of our Suchi Owners will enter their kittens and cats in next years show. 

We are so appreciative to the Breeders we work with that have made this success possible and I would love to thank them by name.

Val Cashman a big thanks to you for entrusting me with your lines and for my Beautiful Tilly (Aurora Rainbow Masquerade) who has produced our lovely BEST IN SHOW - Sati. Your lines have now been Best in Show at the Burmese Show 2 years running with Tilly winning last year and her daughter Sati winning this year. I would also like to thank you for spotting Solor's potential as a kitten and letting him become such a huge part of my breeding program. Without you these kittens would not be here.

I would also like to thank Martyn Flemming and Zaw Pedroni for their hard work and outstanding lines to produce Solor. He is a lovely looking and beautiful natured boy and a beautiful example of the breed. He is all I could hope for in a stud. I am going to struggle to find his equal. 

A special thanks to Janine King (Benzali) and Brendan (Spanswick Burmese) for their years of work and knowledge to produce such a well balanced cat which Prue has proven herself to be. Temperament, Looks, Health and her genetic profile have come together in a wonderful animal and exceptional example of a beautiful Burmese and clearly this has been continued in Indi her beautiful Blue Tortie Girl that has done us all proud at yesterdays show. 

I am so appreciative to all the breeders who made this success possible and have not only entrusted me with their lines but have mentored me, encourage me, supported me and shared their wealth of knowledge and expertise with me. I am truly greatful.


14th March 2011

Well the Siamese and Shorthair show certainly had its ups and downs....

Solor found it all a little stressfull and certainly wasn't on his best behaviour so I withdrew him from the final ring of judging. I don't know if it was the smell of a stud located near him or if it was a handling issue but it was certainly unlike him to be upset like that. Maybe we should call is quits in relation to showing him in the future. He has already proven hiimself to be a stunning animal and has already acheived a Champion status so maybe I should leave it at that....we will see I guess! 

On a much brighter note our babies all did exceptionally well and consitdering they all had some exceptional competition I was over the moon with the results. Now... I can't for the life of me find what I did with my result cards so I will just have to rely on my terrible memory and adjust things later if I am incorrect.

The little chocolate girl we entered I think received 2 Best in Sections. 

Indi, the Blue tortie girl also received 2 Best in Sections.

Sati, the lilac girl did exceptionally well with 2 Best in Sections, 2 Best Of Breed and she was then the Only Burmese pulled out in the BEST IN SHOW section. Our Beautiful girl came 3rd out of the Small group of Mixed breed cats selected as part of the Best In Show group. Very Exciting Baby girl.  

Well I do hope my memory is correct and I haven't gotten muddled up somewhere but I will certainly ammend once my cards turn up if I have anything wrong!



6th February 2011

Well the Federal Kitten show today at Dural was anything but mundane. Strangely enough it is often the breeders that are "cattier" that the cats they are showing. Excuse the pun! Oh the dramas of it all! Makes me giggle.

There were some AMAZING cats on display today. Wonderful examples of well bred Burmese. Some of the results caught me a little off guard. There was a stunning chocolate girl (under 9 months) and an equally beautiful solid Blue girl  (also under 9 months I think) that I thought should have cleaned up but another chocolate seemed to be the flavour of the day. Granted she was still a beautiful cat but I felt the characteristics in the other two were superior. I guess it is just someones opinion on that day hence we all get lured back to try again.

Regardless of all the circus ...We are quite proud of our little achievements....

Indi (blue tortie) Achieved 2 x BEST IN SECTIONS, 2 x 1st Place awards and a 2nd

Sativa (Lilac) achieved a BEST IN SECTION, 3 x 1st place awards and I also entered her in some other categories where she achieved a 2nd for Coat colour and condition and a 3rd for Head Type (which I am hoping will continue to improve with age).

Flur De Lys (chocolate female 12 weeks old) also achieved a BEST IN SECTION and 3 x 1st place awards

so... all in all a successful show for us. 

We will now have to get organised for the Siamese and Short Hair in a few weeks time! Busy, Busy!  


4th September 2010

Attended the 'No Frills' Show today and received 3 x Challenges (1st Place) for Solor and 3 x Challenges (1st Place) for Zinnia which is wonderful. 

We are looking forward to showing off some of our kittens at our next show.  


11th August 2010 

We had a successful day at the Central Coast Show on the weekend with our chocolate girl Zinnia receiving ALL 1st places in all 3 rings as well as a BOB (Best of Breed) and a top 5 place... very exciting. Solor also did quite well receiving a 1st,  2nd and a 3rd. We are hoping to attend another show in the near future and will see how things go there.  


14th February 2010

What a HUGE day! I am a VERY PROUD MUM!!!! YAY!!! I chose to only enter 2 cats in this years show due to having other cats that either had kittens or are pregnant and therefore unable to be shown.

We had a very successful day at the biggest show of the year for me! The SPECIALIST BURMESE SHOW and Forrestville NSW.

Our beautiful Anika received  6 x 1st places in 3 rings (an Open and a Challenge in each ring) and also received a 3rd place in the TOP 5 in Ring 2 (out of all the entire Adult female cats in the show Anika received a 3rd place)

Tilly... well where do I start! What a clever little girl she is!!! 8 x 1st places in 3 rings including 2 x 1st places in the top 5 (so of all the Entire Adult female cats she was considered THE BEST by two judges). She also received a 5th place in the top 5 in the 3rd ring of judging.


Tilly was called up the front as part of the 10 BEST BURMESE IN THE ENTIRE SHOW and she WON!!! Congratulations baby girl.

She recived a 2nd in show in Ring 1 and a BEST IN SHOW in Ring 2. 

 Below Tilly looking very relaxed in her Bed up the front of the show with her BIG PINK AND WHITE WINNING ROSETTE! and look at all her PRIZES on the floor in front of her! 



Below: Back home after her big day relaxing with some of her ribbons! What a very clever girl!



4th April, 2009 

Today a friend of ours (another breeder) kindly showed Tilly for us at the MIA Cat Show at Griffith and true to form our beautiful Tilly did really well receiving 3 x Challenge/First Place awards and she placed in the top 5 Three times with one 1st in the top five award and 2 x 3rd in the Top Five awards which is just wonderful! Then to top it all off Tilly received a BEST ENTIRE CAT AWARD  meaning that she even beat the Top Entire Male cat which is fantasitc! This was then followed by A BEST IN SHOW AWARD. We are totally over the moon and very proud of our little girl.


15th March, 2009  

Today we attended the Siamese and Short hair show. We entered Tilly our lilac tortie girl in rings 2 and 3 and she placed 1st in both rings which is fantastic. We also received a top 5 place which we are over the moon about. We decided not to enter Tilly to be judged in ring 1 due to a conflict of interest as the judge judging that ring was the lovely Val Cashman who we purchased Tilly from. Val requested we did not enter her in that ring as she didn't want to placed in the situation of judging her and choosing Tilly over her competitors which we can fully understand.


17th February, 2009 

We hope to attend the Siamese & Short Hair Show on the 15th of March 2009 @ Forrestville Memorial Hall. We are yet to confirm which cats and/or kittens will be entered and will do so over the next 2 weeks.


15th February, 2009 

CONGRATULATIONS to all 4 SUCHI BURMESE entered in the 2009 Burmese Show  - We did really well! Every single cat we enterd placed at least once and there was a stack of competition with some stunning cats competing against us so we are very proud of our achievements....


Only some of the awards we received at the 2009 Burmese Show.


Suchi Tosh Trotter: One a FIRST PLACE and two x SECOND PLACE awards as well as a THIRD out of 15 competitors for head type. For her 1st show this is a wonderful achievement!

Anika - Received a Reserve Challenge, a 2nd PLACE award with 5 competitors. 

Suchi Diva Van Der Graff: Received 2 x FIRST PLACE awards, 1 x SECOND PLACE award a SECOND out of 16 competitors for coat colour and condition and a FIRST out of 15 competitors for head Type.

Tilly (Rainbow Masquerade): 

Placed 1st in ALL THREE RINGS as well as receiving a 2nd PLACE in the TOP 5  out of 18 competitors and 2 x 3rd PLACE AWARDS in the TOP 5 out of 18 competitors and then was called up as part of the TOP 10 BURMESE from the show and placed 2nd out of over 100 cats which at under a year old and only her 3rd show is just fantastic - WOW.



Tilly (far right) as part of the TOP 10 exhibits in the 2009 BURMESE SHOW at Forrestville. 


TILLY (far right - held by judge in red jacket) as part of the TOP 3 cats in the 2009 BURMESE SHOW. 

TILLY (far right -  held by judge in red jacket) as part of the TOP 3 cats in the 2009 BURMESE SHOW. 


"Look what I won mum"  - Tilly proudly showing off her wonderful achievement 2nd place overall for the 2009 Burmese Show. 


Tilly's beautiful Rosette. 


1st February, 2009

Today we attended the Federal Kitten Show where we entered Anika's Daughter "Diva" who did amazingly well considering this was not only her first show but she was also 2 months younger than some of her competitors in the "Kittens Under 6 Months" Category. Diva walked away with a 1st Place, 2 x 2nd places a Best in Section as well as a 2nd in top 5 (Multiple Breeds) award which is just fantastic. We are looking forward to her next performance at the Burmese show on the 15th of February at Forestville. Diva's owners the Van Der Graff Family are very happy with her amazing success. Congratulations Diva.

January 2009

We will be attending 2 shows in February 2009.

The first will be the Federal kitten show at Castle Hill on the 1st of Feb 2009 where we intend to enter a Chocolate kitten of Anika's by the name of Diva. She is a stunning little girl with a gorgeous nature and we are excited to see how she goes.

The second show will be the Burmese show on the 15th of Feb at Forestville where we expect to enter a couple of cats and kittens but have yet to decide which ones.



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