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Written by Melanie   

Open Days and Times.

We are located on the North Shore of Sydney in the St Ives/Turramurra area (about 6kms from Hornsby).


We have been struggling to keep up with all the people wanting to visit us for quite some time and as our waiting list is quite long at this point we have had to restrict visitations to people that are on our waiting list  and are due to get a kitten from one of our pregnant cats or from a litter that has already been born.

We feel that our website is quite informative and as we have put up images and detailed descriptions on our "How our kittens are raised" page we feel that this should give people a good idea of our facilities and how we operate. 

If you wish to go on our Waiting list please click on the FAQ's menu and "Buying a Suchi Burmese" for further information on what we require.



If you are already on our waiting list and I have told you that you have "progressed nicely" or your next in line you are more than welcome to arrange a visitation date and time with us.

We like to spend time with each individual person or family so that we can answer your questions and show you a nice range of cats and kittens. This also gives us the opportunity to get to know you too. As a consequense we don't have open days as such where people can just turn up at anytime and rather arrange a day and time that suits everyone for the visit. As a general rule we try to open up every second weekend for people already on our waiting list to come and meet our furry family by appointment. 

Sometimes we may not have any kittens (8-12 weeks) to show you but we may have older cat (resident and breeding cats) available for viewing.

If you would like to visit us and are particularly keen to see kittens (8-12 weeks) please advise us of this and we will inform you of when the next litter coming through will be ready for visitors. Where possible we will also list when kittens (8-12 weeks) will be available for viewing below.

Please Note: Unless you are already on our waiting list it is highly unlikely that I will be able to show you any kittens that are available for sale. As mentioned throughout this site we do have a waiting list for all possible colour and sex combinations. Should you wish to go on our waiting list please email us with your contact details incl. a phone number and all possible colour and sex combinations that are of interest. Please remember the more specific you are with possible colour and sex combinations the longer the wait is likely to be.

If you wish to come and meet us and some of our cats and kittens we are happy to arrange a time and date for you to come. We allow customers 2 FREE visits which is usually the initial meeting appointment which we allocate 20 minutes for and then Collection which we allocate 1 hours and 15 minutes for.  The initial meeting appointment is for people that have made their way to the top of our waiting list choose to  to meet any kitten that I can potentially offer them and determine if they wish to go ahead with the purchase of that kitten. The Collection visit is then usually to come and pick up, complete the necessary paperwork for the kitten and any package items that have been selected. If you choose to come at various points to visit us or your chosen kitten above and beyond these these two allocated visits we are happy to arrange dates and times with you and there is a $15 fee per 20 minute appointment.

For a rough idea of our official future viewing days and times please see below. If these days/times don't suit you and you wish to arrange another date or time this is certainly possible. Please email or call us.  

As we have a number of clients visiting us on our Open Days to meet us, Pick up and Drop off boarding cats and/or Products as well as picking up new kittens it is very important that you STICK TO YOUR PRE ARRANGED VISITATION TIME. If you are late it affects the appointments booked in for the rest of the day. If you do get delayed please call us to confirm a new suitable time. 



B - Solid Brown

BT - Brown Tortie (Female Only) 

Ch - Solid Chocolate

CT - Chocolate Tortie (Female Only)  

BL - Solid Blue

Bt - Blue Tortie (Female Only) 

L - Solid Lilac 

LT - Lilac Tortie (Female Only) 

R - Red

C - Cream 


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